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WootTracker7 1.3 submitted

30 Oct

I submitted a new update today, version 1.3.  You should see the update in a few days.  Changes are as follows:

  • Added Deals.Woot site to the pivot!  The behavior of this page is different from the rest as its just a list of items and a small thumbnail.  On list item press, it will load show the items full description in the browser.   The data feed was a bit more limited then the other sites, what I did was about all I can possibly do with the data.  This page will not show up on the trial version, just the paid.  Blog, Discussion, and Share menu options do not work for the Deals.Woot pivot.
  • On restore from tombstoning I changed the pivot to immediately show the last pivot loaded.  Before it would always show the Woot pivot, then jump to the last pivot the user was at.
  • Corrected a bug with podcast pausing.  It would start the podcast from the start after pressing the play button again.  It will now continue properly after pausing. 
  • Changed order of data thread delays based on last pivot viewed.  Before the threads delayed based on order from the woot pivot by increments of 2 seconds.  This prevented all the threads from pulling data simultaneously.  However, if you say last viewed Sellout.Woot and loaded the app it would take over 8 seconds before that page loaded.  Now the delays are based on what page you last loaded, so Sellout.Woot in this scenario should load almost immediately (if you have a good data connection).

Still working on Notifications.  The delay is mostly do to infrastructure.  I have to get a service running externally to WP7 on a server.  I plan to have it up and running at some point next month.


WootTracker7 version 1.2 submitted

23 Oct

I submitted a new update version 1.2 today.  You should see it available as an update in the marketplace within 7 days.  The changes are as follows:

  • Added new settings pivot called ‘SiteEnable”  This replaces the “SiteAlerts’” pivot. This pivot allows you enabled/disable the specific site pivots.  This will stop alerts immediately for that site, but the site will not disappear/reappear until the app is reloaded.   Dataloads will cease if the pivot does not exist.  This was requested twice in my app reviews.  Your welcome.
  • Corrected the behavior on percentage sold out alerts.  Before once the threshold was passed it spammed the user with the percentage on every update.  The behavior now to alert once between 20% to 10%, once between 10% to 5%, once between 5% and 1%, and finally once between 1% and 0%.   If it is sold out it does not submit a percentage alert. 
  • Cached the site data on tombstoning.  Tombstoning occurs when the user presses the “I want one’” button or locks the screen when the “Continue to run under locked screen” mode is not enabled.  When the user returns to the app the data will now show the previous data load immediately rather then having to wait for another update cycle.
  • Corrected the podcast play and stop button behavior.  In the last few days the podcast sometimes plays again immediately after it finished, but the stop button was disabled and play button was unresponsive.  The only way to stop the play was the leave the app.  Could not reliably reproduce, but I think I stopped the repeat behavior.  If it does the stop button should be working.
  • Changed the “Share” page’s formatting to match the web browser “Share’” page a bit closer.  Handled Light theme better too.
  • Added a silent Podcast alerts on change on all sites.

Please email me if you have any bugs and/or additional features.  I’m still working on notifications, I hope to have that in the next update.


WootTracker7 Released!

14 Oct

My first Windows Phone 7 application is now in new revamped Windows Phone marketplace.  It got approved on Wednesday night after submitting it Monday; not a bad turn around.  If you have the Zune Client software installed on your PC, you can directly see it with this link (Note, this link only works in IE and if you have the Zune PC software installed):

Here are some sample pictures of the application (click to zoom):


This is the full description of the application:

WootTracker7 is your complete tracker program to quickly view items currently being sold off of and its associated sites. Most importantly, WootTracker7 is a fully featured WootOff monitor. This program will monitor changes to the sites and notify the user immediately of item changes, items sold out, and items that are about to sell out with sounds and vibration. Optional under locked screen operation allows you to constantly monitor the woot sites on the go and be able to react to changes quickly to purchase your cherished Woots.


  • Shows details of each item currently being sold on,,,, and
  • Separate pages allow user to quickly scan and decide purchase the item off of the website by pressing the ‘I want one’ button.
  • Alerts on changes to items during WootOffs.
  • Plays all item audio podcasts and video WootCasts.
  • View and zoom pictures associated with the current item.
  • Optional feature to run under the locked screen to continue notifying the user on Woot site changes when the screen is off.
  • Optional screen lock disable to keep the application constantly running in the foreground.
  • If a site currently selling in a ‘Woot Off’ mode, the page will show a items left progress bar, Woot Lights, and updates will update every 15 seconds. This time is user definable.
  • Links on the menu bar to:
    • Scroll quickly to the top of the page.
    • Play the sites PodCast, if available.
    • Open the Blog or Discussion page in the web browser.
  • Updates and alerts shown when the pages either:
    • Change item
    • Sellout
    • Remaining items at 20%, 10%, 5%, and 1% (customizable)
  • Alerts will switch to the associated page when a change occurs.
  • User Customization includes:
    • Update frequency in minutes
    • Update frequency on WootOffs in seconds
    • Continue to run under locked screen
    • Prevent phone locking
    • Font size of description text
    • Disable alerts
    • Enable/Disable Sounds or Vibration on alerts


I am still working some changes and plan to submit an update this week.  I will be posting soon on what changed after I submit the update.

Please feel free to email with problems and suggestions on changes.  I plan to actively maintain this for quite some time and would appreciate any feedback, good or bad.

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