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Link Sync Up is now in the Marketplace!

13 Mar

Link Sync Up is a Windows Phone application I developed which I started just before Xmas 2009.   It is a Windows Mobile 6.x application that allows synchronization of the bookmarks/favorites between Opera 9.x and Internet Explorer.  You can see the application and its details at the Windows Phone Marketplace here at its direct link, Link Sync Up.  Check it out, let me know what you think of it!

I made this app for my AT&T Pure I won at a the Windows Phone Camp 2009 that I attended last December.  I noticed that the desktop sync with the device only transferred IE links, opera didn’t share its links with IE.  So I thought of creating an app that would sync the links between the browsers on the device, bridging the connection between Opera and the desktop IE Favorites.  So began my work on my first Windows Phone application.  The first month was fierce in my off hours development time.  The second, not so much, as it was mostly testing and debugging. 

In March I started to realize I wasn’t going to find any more bugs on my device and emulators, so it was time to submit!  Turn around was fast, just 4 days it was certified after I submitted it.  I was surprised to find it past certificatification without issues.  I ran through the requirements many times but I was sure I’d miss something. 

So there you have it, I hope to get some good responses from the users of the app.   Let me know if you find any bugs or see some potential enhancements I can make.  Now for my next app……