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First WootOff since Marketplace deployment!

20 Oct

Today is the first day my app has gone through a WootOff after its deployment onto the Windows Phone Marketplace.  I’ve only tested against one WootOff back in September, so I’ve been anticipating this.  So far so good.  A few issues however:

  • The RSS feed I pull data from appears slow.  It doesnt seem in sync with the web site.  This is unusual, from what I’ve seen the RSS feed is usually a few seconds ahead of the main site.  I’m keeping an eye on it, hopefully its not a problem on my end.
  • The Alerts pop ups for the sold out percentages is firing off to often.  The idea was that if your settings are at 20%, and the sold off percentage goes from 50% to 19%, it shows an alert.  It should not show another percentage alert until it hits or passes 10%.  And so on with 5% and 1%.  Now it spams you once it hits your settings threshold.  I am sorry about this, my next update will correct this.  So for now set your percentage tolerance to ‘None’ or 1% so you don’t get super annoyed by it.


Also I changed the app to shut off pivot pages based on what sites are enabled/disabled in the settings.  That will also make it in the next update.