Windows Phone 7 Series from MIX10

21 Mar

Great stuff this past week out of Microsoft’s MIX10 conference.  The opening keynote seemed focused in being a Windows Phone 7 Series (I hate saying that, I’m using Windows Phone 7 or WP7 instead) promo video for developers, which I liked.  Check out the keynote here, skip to time 27 minutes for Joe Belfiore for the initial WP7 demo. Things I like that came out:

  • Silverlight focused development
  • Complete Zune capability
  • Xbox live integration
  • Many third party developers are preparing apps for WP7
  • Controlled display specs on all phone models


Scott Guthrie claimed its truly Silverlight on WP7, not a ‘light’ version.  However, its come out that its not Silverlight 3 or 4, its something in the middle.  So its essential a unique version of Silverlight, ala WP7 Silverlight.  Perhaps it will catch up to true Silverlight 4 shortly before or after release.  Check out time 85:30 on the keynote for the Foursquare demo by Laura Foy.  Seems fairly slick for an app that was developed just a few weeks ahead of time.

I’ll cover my thoughts of the development environment in a later post.

Things I found out that bothered me:


None of those are deal breakers, but they are ruining the dream.  The phone for me better have at least 32 gigs of RAM, I want it to be a replacement of my first gen 30gig Zune player.  I need at least that much.  I cant imagine anyone using the phone as a serious music player with less then 16 gigs of RAM.  </ramble>

I’ll be watching news on this topic closely and post anything significant.  I plan to go through some development examples and possibly prepping for publishing a WP7 application on release.

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  1. Benedict Seltzer

    July 23, 2010 at 9:26 pm

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