APODViewer7 2.1 released

29 Apr

This is a minor fix to the application that corrected two bugs.  They are:

  • Corrected the first of the month bug.  Previously if executed on the first of the month and the app was set to load the latest month on load, no data would be produced on screen.  The workaround was to go back a month then return
  • The HTML descriptions for the images when referencing links from the APOD site were set as relative links from the APOD server.  When clicked the browser would only show what the link name was.  This was corrected by expanding the link to what server your mirror settings were set to.

Looks like I submitted the APODViewer7Pro’s title incorrectly, it reverted back to the original title.  This will only be noticeable when viewing it in the marketplace.  I’ll be submitting a new update today to correct that.


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